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Erstflug Speed Canard
Manfred und sein "Speed-Canard" !
Roke Speed-Canard
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SC 01 B-160 speed Canard GT For engines of von 50 ... 80 cm3
All- glass- model, scale 1 : 2,5 Wingspan 3110 mm Number rk311                     3.139,00 €
Price with VAT
The ROKE- Speed Canard was developed in the years 1984 - 1988 in our house. Each recommended molds were built also here.  Approx. 5000 working hours were necessary therefor.
Canard-wing(front- wing) and main wings are manufactured in GRP shell construction and are sufficiently strengthened with carbon.
By the sophisticated construction the model is assembled on the airfield in approx. 3 minutes.
By the unusual appearance and flight performance the model is "the attraction" at each flight meeting.  With the speed-CANARD you are a very demanded pilot for flight days.
Before flying, an engine-full-power-test without strange assistance can be accomplished. By using the brakes, the model stands thereby as stuck at the soil. The brakes make possible in addition very precise drive-maneuvers on the way to the runway.
The take-off distance is depending upon wind and runway conditions between 40 and 80 meters.  After the start the model convinces by calm and good-natured flight characteristics.  Due to the negative dihedral even gusty cross-wind cannot bring the model from the intended flight path.
The flight characteristics are weighed out of all pilots, who flew the model, without exception and called "good-naturedly."
The model can fly rolls, loopings and inverted flight without any problems. Also, after throttling the engine and at very slow speed in large height, a stall is introducable, in which the model in horizontal flight attitude sinks parachute-like perpendicularly downward.  At the latest in 30 meters over ground you should accelerate the motor, in order to reach with security in time again normal airspeed.
The model reaches with full power flight horizontally approx. up to 175 km/h.  In slow-speed flight safe steering is possible down to 40 km/h.
The model convinces also by the absolutely faithful airspeed referred to the original-airplane.
In order to drive the model loyalty still on the point, the model is intended for installing a halogene-nose-headlight and the clearance lights as well as the anti- collision-lightnings in the wing tip edges. So equipped, flights in the dawn are for all spectators an absolute highlight, which are always accompanied by large applause.
Delivery-content and description of the parts  
GRP fuselage, white, several times strengthened, fire wall inserted, finished mounting surface for front- wing, holes for wing putting trained, finished recess for the properly matching admission of the nose gear and the main landing gear,GRP-cowling white with fixing bolts, supertransparent colorless canopies, 2 GRP canopy-frames, laterally opening by hinges, with integrated hinges and cab catches.  Nose headlight sight glass, GRP nose gear cover, GRP main landing gear-cover, GRP engine-mount, GRP frontwing-cover, lightningcover-glasses colorless, wing- joiners for installation into the fuselage.
GRP wings with ready winglets, ailerons and rudders.
GRP front- wing , ready for mounting, with M6 fixing bolts and nuts.
GRP main landing gear with inline-brake-hoses and mounted wheel axles,set of fixing bolts and nuts, set of GRP wheel spats with screws and nuts, main gear wheels, brake disk admission, polished steel-brake-disks, swimming GRP brake calipers with brake linings, hydraulic hydrastic break cylinders and brake hoses, exhaust nipples.
GRP-carbon nose gear, completely with wheel, pneumatics cylinder and pneumatics control valve for bringing in- and out the nose gear, pneumatic-pipes, air inflation valve.
Detailed, illustrated building guidance.
Technical data:                       Accessories (not included, to order separately) Ref. N°. Price with VAT
Wingspan 3110 mm Mini- manometer 10 bar rk311799           22,00 €
Wing width at the fuselage 442 mm
Wing- area 85,2 dm2 GRP- spinner 128 mm Ψ, rk31180sp           67,80 €
Wing-area of the fuselage-stubs 31 dm2 Cockpit set, consisting of:  Cockpit cowls, seat support, screws, templates for the production of the presenting seats, instrument consoles with cover, GRP parts for the lining of the bar between the canopies, rear GRP cockpit conclusion, pair shock absorber mockups for the delimitation of the cab of opening angle. rk31181ms        239,00 €
Canard/Elev.- wingspan 1445 mm
Canard/Elev.- area 20,45 dm2
Entire wing-areas 136,65 dm2
Surface loading                                            ca. 114 gr/dm2
Fuselage-width at the wing connection 780 mm
Fuselage-length (with spinner) 1760 mm
Entire length of the model, ready assembled 1950 mm Set of instrument photos for glueing on the instrument panels rk31185                  -   €
Height at winglet-tip 700 mm
Largest fuselage-height 625 mm 3 antenna fins with screw connection rk311875           26,00 €
Wing-profile at fuselage E 205 Halogen nose headlight 6 V, 20 Watts rk311877           18,00 €
Wing-profiles E 205/E 205 Electric socket for nose headlight rk311878             4,70 €
Canard/Elev.-profile W FX 60-126 Signature-stickers SC 01 B Speed Canard for cowling rk311891             6,60 €
Flying weight/mass standard model approx. 15500 gr
Load factor (maximum stress) of the model in standard version approx. 8 - 9 G Signature-stickers D-EKSC or D-EJDA for fuselage rk311892           12,90 €
Signature-sticker D-EKSC or EJDA for lower wing-side rk311893           16,00 €
2 Germany-flags 100 x 60mm, rk1221             4,15 €
Scale- documents and 3-view of original-airplane for competitions (only sold together with 1 ROKE- Speed Canard!) rk31199             4,80 €
Slide- window (you need 2)        1 piece rk1003.2,5           22,90 €
Model-parts for replacement Number Price with VAT Model-parts for replacement Number Price with VAT
GRP-fuselage with inserted firewall rk3111       582,00 € GRP nose-gear, strengthed with carbon rk31175a           32,40 €
GRP nose gear cover, white rk31175a             9,80 €
GRP- cowling rk31111       149,50 € 2 ball-bearings rk31175k           16,00 €
2 GRP- canopy- frames rk31112       105,60 € Rubber buffer for nose gear rk31175p             2,40 €
GRP wheel carrier for nose gear rk31175t           11,80 €
Nose headlight sight glas rk3111b         13,10 € Pneumatics cylinder with hose connectors and M 8 yoke rk31176        112,30 €
GRP main landing gear pit cover rk3111f         17,00 €
GRP engine carrier/tank compartment with bonded engine frame rk3111t         36,90 € Pneumatics valve, absolutely leaking-free, 10 bar rk31177           33,50 €
  Air inflation valve, 3 hose couplings rk31179             9,80 €
GRP front-wing cover with mounting elements rk3111v         29,20 € Set of brake linings, ready to be installed (4 pieces) rk3117bb           14,70 €
2 brake disk holders with ever 3 attachment screws M3 rk3117bh           21,80 €
Rear canopy-glass rk3112h         32,70 € 2 brake-hoses for fuselage rk3117bl             8,80 €
Front-canopy-glass rk3112v         32,70 €
Pair GRP- wings rk3113    1.183,20 € 2 brake calipers, complete rk3117bs           57,80 €
2 lightning-covers rk3113a            8,25 €
GRP- frot-wing (Elevator) rk3114       432,70 € 2 hydraulic break-cylinders with exhaust nipples rk3117dg           53,50 €
2 aluminum-tubes for fuselage (wing-joiners) rk3116         58,00 €
2 CFK-tuning-tubes for fuselage (wing-joiners) rk316.6k       117,60 €          
GRP- main-gear rk3117       188,95 € 2 Hose bolt connections/exhaust nipples for the assembly into the brake hoses between main-gear and pressure transducers rk3117en             9,00 €
2 wheel-spats (wheel-covers) rk31172         92,00 €
2 Main.gear-wheels  138mm/5,5" Ψ ct5603Fe         52,60 €
Frontwheel 100 mm Ψ / 4" si1004913            7,00 € 2 Steel-brake-disks rk3117sb           31,00 €
2 hose screw connections for air tanks rk3117sn             4,60 €
T-fitting for connecting the manometer rk3117T             2,00 €
Service achievements Number Price with VAT
Installation engine carrier/tank compartment to the fire wall rk311s01           23,00 €
Installation main landing gear without mounting the brakes rk311s12           25,40 €
Installation of the wing suspension in the fuselage rk311s1        107,10 €
Bremsscheibenhalter und Bremsscheiben an den Rδdern montieren, Rδder auf Fahrwerk stecken und mit Stellring sichern rk311s12r           23,50 €
Hauptfahrwerks-Schachtabdeckung im Rumpf montieren rk311s12sa           10,20 €
Installing nose gear and pneumatic cylinder in the fuselage rk311s13           47,10 €
Installation of the cab frames, to the side hinged, and assembly of the cab catches rk311s14        117,90 €
Assembling front-wing  to the fuselage rk311s151           28,60 €
Assembling front-wing-cover to the fuselage rk311s151a           60,60 €
Assembling of the 2 wheel-spats (wheel-covers) rk311s152           61,50 €
Bolt-connection cowling rk311s158           70,20 €
Engine installation with rubber suspension rk311s160 inqire
Installing exhaust-system rk311s162 inquire
Adapting and mounting Propeller and spinner rk311s166           35,00 €
Tankmontage und Einbau, Dichtigkeitsprobe rk311s168           33,00 €
Installation cockpit, without shock absorbers rk311s28        223,90 €
Installation of the shock absorber mockups for cab frames rk311s281           37,00 €
Finishing the screw connection for all 4 servo pit covers of the wing rk311s321           38,30 €
Cutting out canopies, adapting cab frames, glueing hoods cleanly on frames and clean after hardening rk311s832        282,10 €
Mounting of 2 Slide-windows in the canopies rk311s833           89,30 €
Further service work, which can lead up to the flight-finished model, on detailed request!
roke - modelle,  Roland Kern,  Rosenstrasse 2,   D - 72827 Wannweil,   Tel.: 0049 7121 - 57 336,     FAX:  0049 7121 - 54 439 E-mail to rokemodell
More informations about this and other ROKE- models you can see in our Video „ROKE - Modelle“. We present the models in as-delivered condition and in the flight.  The video has a running time of over 2 hours and is accompanied from wonderful music in HiFi hiFi-Stereo.
The video is on stock:   Order- No. rk10 Price