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SB 10 Semi- scale M 1 : 6,1
Model with ready parts Ref. N°. rk470     587,00 €
Price with VAT
The ROKE SB-10, a for many years always again bought model, characterized by the stark contrasts between theory and practice.
The results of computer calculations say, that this model will not fly very well.
However, practice has shown that the SB 10 provides very excellent performance in a very wide speed range
The specialty of the SB 10 is, to climb enormous quickly at normal thermals, to fly the next moment at high speed to the next upwind, without losing much altitude.
But even if you like to enjoy themselves close to mountain slopes with brisk to wild flying style, the SB 10 is a willing partner, does not take easily offended  control errors.
The landing approach is very simple due to the generously dimensioned double-decker TECK spoilers and forgiving flight characteristics.
Content of models and description of the finished components:
GRP fuselage, white gelcoated, reinforced several times. The bowden-cables for rudder and elevator are carefully installed and smoothly.
The positions of wing- and elevator-mounting-holes, towhook and wheel axle are clearly marked.
Canopy-glass as desired in clear, light-blue or smoked color.
Wings made of styrofoam, with obeche planking, ready to cover with Oracover. Installed with sufficient glass inserts, double-decker 37cm-TECK spoilers, cut out ailerons and planked. Incorporated reinforcements on the servo shafts, built-in wing-steels, twisted servo wires.
Pendulum tailplane, balsa-sheeted, ready-joiner, ready to cover with Oracover.
Almost ready to cover balsa-sheeted rudder
(After installation of the rudder to the fuselage,  the nose of the horn balance still needs to be slightly adjusted.
Set of accessories: Wing-joiner, brass tube,
reinforced pendulum lever for the elevator, 2 rudder hinges, 3 horns for ailerons and rudder, cabin locking, detailed illustrated instructions.
Technical data:   Spare parts:      Ref. N°. Price with VAT
Wingspan 4740 mm GRP- fuselage, white, with applied bowden-cables for rudder and elevator rk4701     165,90 €
Length over all 1740 mm
Height over all 400 mm Canopy glass light blue rk4702b       19,95 €
Wing profile on the fuselage Ritz 2, modifiziert Canopy glass clear rk4702f       19,95 €
Wing deepth at the fuselage 192 mm Canopy glass light smoke-coloured rk4702r       19,95 €
Fuselage width at wing connection 94 mm Pair of wings, ready to cover, with ailerons and double-decker-airbrakes rk4703     388,00 €
Wing area   71 dm2
Wing profiles Ritz 2, modifiziert Pendulum-elevator rk4704       48,50 €
Elevator- span 720 mm Rudder rk4705       22,60 €
Elevator area 6,5 dm2 Wing-joiner fόr the fuselage rk4706       28,95 €
Stabilizer profile NACA 0009
Weight Standard-model approx. 3800 bis 4000 gr
G-load max. approx. 8 bis 9 G
Optional accessories : Ref. N°. Price with VAT
GRP-canopy-frame rk47012                         25,50 €
GRP-wheel cover for wheels up to 80 mm rk1019                          6,20 €
Retractable landing gear with wheel cover for wheels with 72 mm Ψ gr1185                         78,90 €
Standard wheel Ψ 72 mm with nylon rim br72                          3,00 €
High load-quality wheel 75 mm Ψ mx733091                          5,70 €
Tow release for installation in fuselage nose kd1186                         13,95 €
Plastic towhook (2 pieces required) gr627                          3,00 €
Pair D flags, small, 60x35 mm, for adhering to the fin rk1220                          2,30 €
1 pair of wing-protection-bags, made of 3-ply bubble wrap rk47091                         53,00 €
1 pair of elevator-protection-bags, made of 3-ply bubble wrap rk47092                         15,80 €
Services to the model
Operation                                               Ref. N°. Price with VAT
Installation and adjustment of the wing joiner in the fuselage rk470s1       96,60 €
Absolute gap-free adaptation of the wings to the fuselage contour rk470s11       28,95 €
Mounting of the canopy-frame and canopy-lock on the fuselage. rk470s14       51,20 €
Installation of the rudder and elevator and the associated linkages. rk470s151     178,00 €
Spraying of the canopy frame with a dark color,
glueing of  the canopy to the canopy-frame
rk470s32     133,00 €
Further service work, which can lead up to the flight-finished model, on detailed request!
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More informations about this and other ROKE- models you can see in our Video „ROKE - Modelle“. We present the models in as-delivered condition and in the flight.  The video has a running time of over 2 hours and is accompanied from wonderful music in HiFi hiFi-Stereo.
The video is on stock:   Order- No. rk10 Price  
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