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GROB G 109 A     scale Modelle M1:4 Ref. N°. 430 M1:5    Ref. N°. 330
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Since 1982 these supermodels inspire many model pilots in the whole world by their excellent flight characteristics.
The good-natured flight characteristics with at the same time high achievement, much estimated of all G 109-pilots, result from best aerodynamics in the fuselage area, combined with the most best airfoils and a production quality level, about which the very most model construction manufacturers do not even dare to dream.
99.5% of the G 109-Piloten are inspired by processing and flight performance. A large part of the pilots flies therefore directly both models.
The short take-off distance and the good climbing achievements always satisfy. If the engine is turned off, the G 109 shows their true face, expanded thermal-flights are at the agenda, if thermal upwind is present. The G 109 partly exceeds some sail flight models in the sail flight performance. In addition, without thermionics the gliding angle of approx. 1:30 permits extensive gliding flights. You often obtain flying times of some hours with only one tank filling.
Everyone speaks of the beautiful flight characteristics. Often you hear to say: "A piece of splendour!". Naturally are roles, Loopings, turns and inverted flight possible.. Both models are to be handhad uncritically, as admits from our sail flight models.
Content of the kits
Epoxy-fuselage, cowling, cover for main-gear, all parts are white  
Supertransparent canopy (canopy and 2 windows)  
Ready-to-cover-finished wings with ailerons and spoilers, servo cables drawn in.  
Ready-to-cover elevator and rudder  
GRP main landing gear with wheels, wheel axles and assembly screws, complete tail chassis with wheel.  
Wing mounting plate  with holding-device ROKE DUO LOCK  
GRP vertical stabilizer edging with execution for the rudder linking.  
Building guidance, illustrated with detailed photos and drawings.  
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ROKE- Grob G 109 A, Seite 2  
The quality Epoxy-fuselages vave a surface from white gelcoat, the seam is very thin and without disalignment. All edges are razor-sharp pronounced. The laminate exists of strongly stressed places up to 4 layers. The positions for wing mounting plate, chassis, seat anchorage and cowling- openings are marked clearly. The rudder admission is inserted.
Our in-laminated quality seals with the sequential serial number on both fuselage interior under the rear end of the cab cutout guarantee you the adherence to the high fuselage quality.
For the windows behind the canopy the openings are provided in the trunk with a stage, which corresponds to the window glass thickness in the depth very exactly. Thus the windows fit very exactly with the trunk surface. Vertical and horizontal engine angles are given exactly, the wing/elevator-incidence is correctly adjusted.
After finishing the model, the wings are automatically kept to the fuselage by the holding-device ROKE DUO LOCK with a preselectable retaining-strength of  2… 50 kp.
Technical data Modell M 1:4 Modell M 1:5
Wingspan 4150 mm 3320 mm
Wing-area 127,6 dm2 78,8dm2
Wing-airfoil E 205 E 205
Length over all 1965 mm 1572 mm
Fuselage-width 300 mm 240 mm
Elavator- span 775 mm 620 mm
Weight ready to fly 7,5...9,5 kg 4,8...5,5 kg
Recommended engines 4-stroke 15...26 cm3 or Gas-engine 23 cm³ 4- stroke 8 ....11 cm³
The photo shows clearly the cockpit development with the parts available of us. The center console is supplied unlacquered and without installations. The seats are supplied without control sticks. At the wing you see an elbow at the transition to the fuselage to the rear. We call this GRP wing radius. Tomanufacture this radii by yourself is a very difficult work, some customers need up to 10 hours. If you want and order, we make these radii for you. Prices for this in the table of optional accessorie- parts!
  Modell 1:4 Modell 1:5
Spare-parts   Ref. N°. Price with VAT Ref. N°. Price with VAT
GRP- fuselage with white gelcoat rk4301    211,00 € rk3301    160,00 €
Cowling, white rk43011      32,50 € rk33011      23,00 €
GRP vertical stabilizer edging rk4301a      11,40 € rk3301a       9,70 €
GRP-cover for undercarriage-unit rk4301f      15,50 € rk3301f      13,40 €
Canopy-glass and rear windows, transparent rk4302      28,80 € rk3302      26,50 €
Canopy-glass without rear windows, transparent rk43021      25,40 € rk33021      22,90 €
2 Rear windows (without main-canopy-glass rk43022       8,90 € rk33022       8,50 €
Pair of wings, ready for covering    (without Flόgel-Radius) rk4303    335,00 € rk3303    269,00 €
Pair of ²Elektro"wings without spoilers, ready for covering                (without Flόgel-Radius) rk4303 e    325,00 € rk3303 e    259,50 €
Elevator, ready for covering rk4304      68,00 € rk3304      56,00 €
Siderudder, ready for covering rk4305      26,00 € rk3305      21,00 €
GRP-siderudder for 4,15m-model, ready to install, white, prepared for installation of a rear light. rk4305 gfk      55,00 €    
Wing-fixing-set for fuselage  (without DUO- LOCK) rk4306      28,00 € rk3306      24,00 €
Wing-locking-device DUO- LOCK rk43065      20,90 € rk33065      20,90 €
Undercarriage-unit, GRP, for front-wheels rk4307      31,70 € rk3307      26,00 €
Pair wheels for main-gear rk43073      11,00 € rk33073       7,00 €
Tailskid, tailwheel-set, complete with wheel rk43075      16,40 € rk33075      16,70 €
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ROKE- Grob G 109 A, Seite 3
Modell 1:4 Modell 1:5
Optional accessories         (to order separately)   Ref. N°. Price Ref. N°. Price with VAT
supply 8 m cables for wing tip edge lighting rk430s079       5,20 €      
GRP- Canopy-frame, complete  (without canopy) rk43012        33,80 €   rk33012        32,00 €
Supply 1 pair of GRP-wing-tips rk43034        35,00 €    
GRP spurs for wing tip edge rk430341           9,50 €    
Supply 1 pair of transparent PVC-cover for wing edges rk43035        10,90 €    
3 GRP- wheel-spats rk43072        34,90 €   rk33072        31,80 €
Very strong special-wheels 90mm Ψ (1 pair) rk43073s        14,20 €   rk33073s        11,40 €
Pair of vacuum-molded seats, white rk43081        19,90 €   rk33081        13,60 €
Pair of seats, flocked with textile-fiber, beige-color rk43081b nicht lieferbar   rk33081b        39,00 €
Pair of seats, covered with textile-fiber, red rk43081r nicht lieferbar   rk33081r        39,00 €
Center-console (between seats) rk43082           9,90 €   rk33082           9,90 €
GRP- Instrument-panel rk43084        14,90 €   rk33084        11,40 €
Instruments (Photo for glueing onto instr.-panel) rk43085           4,95 €   rk33085           3,50 €
Slide-window scale 1:4 for left canopy-side rk1003.4           8,95 €   rk1003.4           8,95 €
Cover behind the seats, pure balsa rk43086        14,80 €   rk33086        14,60 €
Cover behind the seats, grey flocked rk43086g        25,80 €   rk33086g        23,00 €
Set of screws for cowling and elevator rk43088           1,90 €   rk33088           1,90 €
Decal-set G 109 rk43089           8,40 €   rk33089           8,40 €
Paar D-Flaggen, klein, 60x35 mm, zum Aufkleben auf die Seitenflosse rk1060      14,50 € rk1060      14,50 €
Set of wingbags, made from 3-layers-air-bubble-foil rk43091        34,00 €   rk33091        32,00 €
Bag for elevatog, made from 3-layers-air-bubble-foil rk43092           9,90 €   rk33092           9,90 €
3- view for self-constructors rk43096        10,40 €   rk33096        10,00 €
Set of Photos (19 ) viewing the original-plane Free download   Free download
3-view of the original-plane G 109 A (2 DIN-A4- sheets) rk43099           1,00 €   rk43099           1,00 €
Modell 1:4 Modell 1:5
Additional service achievements   Ref. N°. Price Ref. N°. Price with VAT
Insert the cables for wing tip edge lighting rk430s08      38,00 €      
Adapting and mounting of GRP-wing-tips rk430s09      45,60 €    
Installing and fine sanding of the GRP wing radii at the wing rk43033      51,00 € rk33033      45,60 €
Mounting of wing-joiner into the fuselage rk430s1      28,50 € rk33098       8,90 €
Absolutely gap-free adaptation of the wing root ribs to the fuselage rk430s11      33,00 € rk330s           -   €
Installation of main landing gear, landing gear cover and wheels rk430s14      27,70 € rk330s1      47,80 €
Mounting of canopy-frame to the fuselage rk430s150      25,30 € rk330s11      22,50 €
Installation cab frame behind the windows
rk430s151    157,00 € rk330s12      32,90 €
Installing of frame at front of vertical stabilizer, tail chassis, horizontal tail unit with servo and rudder completely in the fuselage (inclusive linking) 0      24,00 € rk330s14      26,00 €
recommended elevator-servo, price up from        32,70 €        22,00 €
Insert engine frame (for engines OS-MAX Surpass 52 in the model 1:5 and OS-MAX FT 160 in the model 1:4) rk430s154      48,30 € rk330s152      30,80 €
Insert engine-frame for other motors (for example ZG-26) 0           -   € rk330s152h      46,00 €
Further service work, which can lead up to the flight-finished model, on detailed request!
roke - modelle,  Roland Kern,  Rosenstrasse 2,   D - 72827 Wannweil,   Tel.: 0049 7121 - 57 336,     FAX:  0049 7121 - 54 439 E-mail to ROKEMODELL
More informations about this and other ROKE- models you can see in our Video „ROKE - Modelle“. We present the models in as-delivered condition and in the flight.  The video has a running time of over 2 hours and is accompanied from wonderful music in HiFi hiFi-Stereo.
The video is on stock:   Order- No. rk10 Price  
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