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DG 202 Scale M 1:3,5               Model with wings and elevator ready to cover
DG 202 / 15 Wingspan 4,29 m Ref. N°. rk450 15    689,00 €
DG 202 / 17 Wingspan 4,86 m Ref. N°. rk450 17    699,00 €
DG 202 / 17 with flaps Wingspan 4,86 m Ref. N°. rk450 17w    749,00 €
Prices including V.A.T.
These models are used on slopes and flatlands. Winch-launch and F-towing are problem-free. The speed range is extremely wide. With the 4.29 m version the aerobatics and high speed flight characteristics predominate, the models with 4.86 m wingspan are more optimized for high performance thermal flights, whereby the ranges overlap.
Content of delivery and description of the finished parts:
High-gloss GRP fuselage, white, reinforced several times, smooth-running Bowden cable for rudder built in. Cable for elevator servo installed in fuselage. The positions for wing plugging and landing gear shaft flaps are clearly marked. The fin end strip made of GRP is completely installed.
Canopy in clear colorless or smoked colour on request.
Ready to cover abachi planked wings with sufficient glass inlays, double-decker 37cm TECK spoilers installed, ailerons (and flaps if necessary) cut out and cast. Reinforcements at the servo cut-outs worked in, wing plug completely worked in, twisted servo cables inserted.
One-piece balsa-planked horizontal tailplane to screw on, ready for covering.
White rudder in GRP shell construction, swivel bearing ready fitted. Only the rudder horn has to be mounted.
Fibreglass fin end strip with feed-through for the rudder linkage. (Already mounted in the fin end.)
Set of small parts with the following contents: Wing clamp- spar bridge, brass tube for torsion steels, prefabricated GFK servo plate for the admission of the HLW servo in the fin, rudder bearing, rudder horns for aileron and rudder, cab lock, detailed illustrated building instruction.
Technical data: DG 202 / 15 DG 202 / 17 DG 202 / 17 Wφlb
Wingspan 4290 mm   4860 mm   4860 mm
Length over all 2000 mm   2000 mm   2000 mm
Height over all 490 mm   490 mm   490 mm
Wing profile on the fuselage keine   keine   keine
Wing width at the fuselage 260 mm   260 mm   260 mm
Fuselage width at wing connection 150 mm   150 mm   150 mm
Wing area 82,65 dm2   91,25 dm2   91,25 dm2
Wing profiles E 203 / E 201 / E 197   E 203 / E 201 / E 197   E 203 / E 201 / E 197
Elevator- span 720 mm   720 mm   720 mm
Elevator area 9,36 dm2   9,36 dm2   9,36 dm2
Stabilizer profile NACA 0009   NACA 0009   NACA 0009
Weight RTF approx. 6300 gr   6500 gr   6600 gr
G -load max. (Resilience) 13 G   11,5 G   11,5 G
Optional accessories : ( to order additional ) Ref. N°. Price with VAT
GRP canpy frame ( very stable) rk45012                        30,90 €
Cockpit- Sitzwanne, tiefgezogen und Instrumentenpilzhalter aus GfK rk450121 n.m.lieferbar
Instrumentenpilz aus GfK rk450122 n.m.lieferbar
1 Slide window 1 : 3,5, compl. with Guide rails and 6 screws M1 rk1003.3,5                         9,50 €
Scale seatbelt 1:4 with illustration rk1010                         9,95 €
Set of joystick, spoiler actuating lever and  microphone, scale 1:4 rk1011                         9,95 €
Set of instruments 1:3 rk1013                        12,95 €
Retractable landing gear for wheels 100 mm Ψ ho100                        81,00 €
Retractable landing gear with brake for wheels 100 mm Ψ ho100br                      103,00 €
High-load-quality-wheel 100 mm Ψ, with Nylon-rim  mx733094                         9,90 €
Very high-load-quality-wheel from foam rummer, 100 mm Ψ, with Nylon-rim  ct5599Fe                        18,50 €
Tailwheel 50 mm Ψ gr165.50                         3,20 €
GRP wheel cover for tail wheel 60 mm Ψ rk1018                         6,20 €
Tow release for installation in fuselages front end kd1186                        13,95 €
Tow hook for winch launch (2 pc.) gr627                         3,00 €
Pair stickers DG 202 rk450891                         5,20 €
Pair of D-flags, small, 60x35 mm, for sticking to the side fin rk1220                         2,30 €
1 pair of wings protecting bags from 3 - layer bubble wrap rk45091                        34,50 €
Protection bag for stabilizer, made from 3 - layer bubble wrap rk45092                         9,50 €
Spare parts
Item title Ref. N°. Price Item title Ref. N°. Price with VAT
Fiberglass fuselage, white, with built-in-ring-ribs, bowden cable, cable for elevator-servo and side fins conclusion rk4501    172,00 € Pair finished wings  with ailerons and airbrakes, 4,86 m wingspan rk4503 1    396,00 €
Side fins conclusion rk4501a       8,65 € Pair finished wings  with ailerons, airbrakes and flaps, 4,86 m wingspan, with flaps rk4503 w    446,00 €
Canopy glass, transparent colorless rk4502f      21,95 € Stabilizer styrofoam/balsa, ready to cover rk4504      48,50 €
Canopy glass, transparent smoke-colored rk4502r      21,95 € GRP rudder, white rk4505gfk      51,00 €
Pair finished wings  with ailerons and airbrakes, 4,29 m wingspan rk4503 0    389,00 € Wing steel insertion device for fuselage rk4506      28,60 €
Services to the model
Operation                                               Ref. N°. Price with VAT
Shaping of the curved fuselage contour to the root-ribs of the wings (this is done with a GRP mould) rk450s099      31,80 €
Installation and adjustment of the wing-joiner bracket in the fuselage rk450s1      69,70 €
Installation of the aluminium fuselage shoring 1060 in the fuselage between leading edges rk450s13ra      14,50 €
Absolute gap-free fine adjustment of the wing contour to the fuselage rk450s11      16,90 €
Assembly of the cabin frame and cabin lock on the fuselage rk450s14      38,00 €
Installation of stabilizer, rudder, the associated linkage and the side fin conclusion. rk450s151      91,00 €
Cutting out the doors for the landing gear and fasten with silicone hinge rk450s7 kl      54,00 €
Installation of the retractable gear and door-closure-device (without servo mount) rk450s7 xf    126,00 €
Adjusting and gluing the canopy to the canopy frame rk450s832      96,00 €
Further service works, which can lead up to the ready to fly model, on detailed inquiry!
roke - modelle,  Roland Kern Rosenstrasse 2,   D - 72827 Wannweil,   Tel.: 0049 7121 - 57 336,     FAX:  0049 7121 - 54 439 E-mail to ROKEMODELL
More informations about this and other ROKE- models you can see in our Video „ROKE - Modelle“. We present the models in as-delivered condition and in the flight.  The video has a running time of over 2 hours and is accompanied from wonderful music in HiFi hiFi-Stereo.
The video is on stock:   Order- No. rk10 Price  
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