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AS K 18 scale M 1: 3,85
Model with ready parts Ref. N°. rk424   589,00 €
Price with VAT
This classic sailplane has warmed the hearts of countless model pilots. The AS K 18 differs pleasantly from all the other sail-flight models with round and slender fuselages.
Outstanding performance in thermal flying and also very good for slope-soaring. The flight behavior is completely uncritical. Even inexperienced pilots can climb higher in the smallest thermal fields.
Rolls, loops and turns flies the AS K 18 very clean, and it is fantastic, to see this model in action.
With the appropriate painting, the AS K 18 is not to be distinguished from the original-airplane neither on the ground nor in the air.
Content of delivery and description of the finished components:
Fiberglass fuselage, white, repeatedly reinforced, bowden cable for rudder and elevator built in, the lower rotary bearing for the rudder is fitted. The positions for wing-bracket, bores for stabilizer, tow-hook and wheelaxle are clearly marked.
Canopy in clear colorless or colored smoke
Wings balsasheeted, reinforced with sufficient deposits of glass , fitted double-TECK-37cm spoilers, ailerons ready cutten out. Reinforcements to the servo shafts incorporated, steels for wing-joiner ready in the wings, twisted servo cables for all servos in the wings inserted.
The stabilizer, ( left and right unit) comes ready sanded. The flaps are not yet separated from the fin,  this happens after assembling to the fuselage.
Rudder styrofoam/balsa, ready sanded, storage tubes must be glued in by the customer.
Set of small-parts: Wing steel insertion device, brass tubes, stabilizer mating, increased elevatot pendulum lever, 3 horns for ailerons and rudder, canopy-lock  and detailed, illustrated instructions in german language.
Technical data   Spare parts Ref. N°. Price with VAT
Wingspan 4150 mm Fiberglass fuselage, white, with built-in bowden cable for elevator and rudder rk4241     179,00 €
Length over all 1810 mm
Height over all 440 mm Canopy glass, transparent blue-colored rk4242b       19,90 €
Wing profile on the fuselage E 193 Canopy glass, transparent colorless rk4242f       19,90 €
Wing width at the fuselage  337 mm Canopy glass, transparent smoke-colored rk4242r       19,90 €
Fuselage width at wing connection     150 mm Pair finished wings  with ailerons and airbrakes, ready to cover rk4243     318,00 €
Wing area   106 dm2
Wing profiles E193/ E 193/ E 197 Stabilizer styrofoam/balsa rk4244       63,00 €
Tailplane- span 725 mm Styrofoam/balsa rudder rk4245       23,60 €
Tailplane- area 10,5 dm2 Wing steel insertion device for fuselage rk4246g       26,00 €
Tailplane- profile NACA 0009
Weight RTF approx. 4700 bis 5800 gr.
G - load max. (Resilience) 10 G
Optional accessories : ( to order additional ) Ref. N°. Price with VAT
GRP canpy frame ( closed) rk42412 nicht mehr lieferbar
Offener Kabinenrahmen, handgefertigt aus 8mm-Sperrholz. Geeignet, wenn der Rumpf mit einer Scale-Cockpitausrüstung versehen werden soll. rk424.12h                      28,00 €
Set of instruments 1:4 rk1014                      11,50 €
1 Slide window 1 : 4, compl. with Guide rails and 6 screws M1 rk1014                      11,50 €
Scale seatbelt 1:4 with illustration rk1010                        9,95 €
Set of joystick, spoiler actuating lever and  microphone, scale 1:4 rk1011                        9,95 €
GRP wheel cover forwheels up to 100 mm Ø rk1021                        7,00 €
Standard-wheel 900 mm Ø, with Nylon-rim  br90                        4,90 €
High-load-quality-wheel 90 mm Ø, with Nylon-rim  mx733093                        7,10 €
Tow release for installation in fuselages front end kd1186                      13,95 €
Tow hook for winch launch (2 pc.) gr627                        3,00 €
Aluminium- fuselage shoring (for fuselage between leading edges) rk1060                      14,50 €
Dekorsatz, bestehend aus 2 Schriftzügen      AS K 18 und „ 2 x Zahlenfolge D- 6726 für Leitwerksträger rk42489                        6,90 €
Paar D-Flaggen, klein, 60x35 mm, zum Aufkleben auf die Seitenflosse rk1220                        2,30 €
1 pair of wings protecting bags from 3 - layer bubble wrap rk42491                      32,00 €
Protection bag for stabilizer, made from 3 - layer bubble wrap rk42492                      11,90 €
3- view of the model, all Profiles 1:1 drawn (only necessary, if you want build yourself wings, stabilizer and rudder) rk42496                      10,50 €
Services to the model Ref. N°. Price with VAT
Installation and adjustment of the wing bracket in the fuselage rk424s1 64,50
Absolute gap-free fine-tuning of the wing to the fuselage contour rk424s11 33,40
Mounting of the aluminium fuselage shoring 1060 in the fuselage between leading edges rk424s13 14,95
Mounting canopy frame and canopy-lock on the fuselage rk424s14 39,00
Installation of stabilizer, rudder, the associated linkage and the side fin conclusion. rk424s151 177,00
Fitting the front wheel and wheel cover (labor only) rk424s7     42,00 €
Customize and gluing the canopy on the canopy frame rk424s832     98,20 €
Further service work, which can lead up to the flight-finished model, on detailed request!
roke - modelle,  Roland Kern, Rosenstrasse 2,   D - 72827 Wannweil,   Tel.: 0049 7121 - 57 336,     FAX:  0049 7121 - 54 439 E-mail to ROKEMODELL
More informations about this and other ROKE- models you can see in our Video „ROKE - Modelle“. We present the models in as-delivered condition and in the flight.  The video has a running time of over 2 hours and is accompanied from wonderful music in HiFi hiFi-Stereo.
The video is on stock:   Order- No. rk10 Price  
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